code of behaviour for youtubers

firstly you must know

the music played in concerts, if you are a player or in the audience, does not belong to you. You are not the owner even when you have purchased the music score or bought a concert ticket. The composer is the only rightful owner. You have the duty to perform and share his property correctly. For the composer the only purpose of a youtube video is to get some publicity. Youtube neither doesn't demand after the rights for the upload nor does YT pay money to the composers.


You can find so many bad handycam videos of bad played music in the net! Would you like someone publishing a disadvantageous photo of you on facebook?


As a director of an ensemble or orchestra you buy once a score for about 20 $. The composer gets 10% of it by his publisher. For the composers 2 $ you occupy musicians for months and years and you do your job for many hours!

The copyright societys represent the rights of composers. (ASCAP in USA, GEMA in Germany, SUISA in Switzerland...) They are dependent on the reports of concert organizers. It is a duty to pay for the copyrighted music in public concerts, but very view do.


Every kid knows, that it has to enclose correct reference by doing some investigation at school, not to mention a bachelors or masters dissertation. Have a look at youtube!


what's to do

  1. before the concert, inform the audience, not to share concert videos on the internet
  2. contact the director or composer if you want to share a video.
  3. be obliged to share a video with good sound and video quality
  4. Correct reference under the video: composer, ensemble name, piece, place and date of concert, website of the   composer,if available also the publisher.
  5. report your playlist of concert to the copyright society of your country (only way to have an income for the composer)
  6. don't change instrumentation or music in any way without permission of the composer
  7. share this code of behaviour with your students and music friends

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