Dear guitarists !

Welcome to a journey through the inexhaustible musical riches of the guitar! With Solo Trip, you begin an exciting guitar adventure. Your instrument is your means of getting there: you have to steer it skilfully and fuel it with practice sessions. You’ll have a good travel guide with the necessary experience to help you on your ‘trip’. But how quickly and successfully you complete your journey will depend on your own commitment! Every study deals with specific matters that you have to learn or improve upon. Dexterity and theoretical knowledge are, however, only two elements of musicmaking.You also have to mould your performance – it’s through musical expression and an awareness of the sound you want that a piece can be breathed into life. And this can only come from inside you, whereas you can learn theory and a good technique from your teacher. If you listen to nothing but hard rock and hip-hop, you’ll not be able to develop a notion of how the classical guitar should sound. That’s why it is so important that you start to listen to more acoustic guitar music. That doesn’t mean you can’t play rock or pop on your guitar – you’ll be amazed how good they sound on a classical guitar! I used to be a keen rock musician and played for years in tango bands, folk groups and samba and salsa ensembles. But I also played in classical chamber music groups. All these influences had an impact on me and found expression in my compositions. This is why you’ll encounter a rich musical variety on your ‘solo trip’.   Have a good trip!