Edition Kalimba

Music for Guitar and Mandolin by Jürg Kindle

welcome to Edition Kalimba, my self - publishing label. Since 35 years my compositions are well known and played all over the world. Now I decided to publish my music by myself independently. From 2016 all my music appears exclusively in "Edition Kalimba" . I'm a one man company, so I work every piece from the idea to print including all layout, artwork, creating website  and making of soundclips. It's a pleasure  to share my music with you.


your music on demand

By commissioning a work you help to expand the repertory for guitar. I will publish your commissioned piece in Edition Kalimba including the dedication in subtitle. The piece will not be published  before your première. You get the first print with autograph. You also have my full mail - support during rehearsing. From guitar solo up to trio, quartet, guitar ensemble and orchestra as well as mandolin solo up to mandolin/plucking orchestra, I like to create your music by your individual request.