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Guitar Solo Works Vol.4

I'm thrilled to announce my Guitar Solo Works Vol.IV. I can say that most of the pieces are very successful on the streaming portals. Vintage reached 275k streams in the first year, while Rebirth has 55k in two month and Heartfelt 150k in 6 month. I decided in 2020 when I started with releasing music on the platforms, to publish the most successful pieces step by step. Meanwhile there are 4 Volumes - more to come. Some of the pieces are in different tunings like DAdgad or DGdgad, they are also included with tabs and standard notation.


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My first guitar ensemble

AlbEniz for guitar orchestra (Quintet)

Four masterpieces from the Spanish National School by master Isaac Albéniz. Originally for piano, available in Jürg Kindle's arrangement for 4 guitars and bass. Asturias' high-flying hit is in the original key of G minor. Guitars 1 and 2 with string 1 tuned to D and guitars 3 and 4 with string 6 tuned to D. In order to obtain the required staccato of the original composition, handkerchiefs are placed under the strings at the bridge (Kalimba sends its regards)


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World Variations

The Swiss folk song "Guggisbergerlied"

10 Variations in the musical Idioms of 10 countries

BOOK and PDF edition
This traditional is the most emotional swiss folk song and one of the few swiss songs in minor key. The song tells the story of the gipsy girl Vreneli in Guggisberg, Kanton Bern Switzerland in the 18th century. Vreneli was in love with the poor swiss farmers son
Hansjoggeli. Their love was forbidden by the farmers family of the village Simelisbärg. In his grief, the farmers son goes to the foreign legion. When he comes back, Vreneli already died by  her grief. Singing this song was forbidden by death to Swiss soldiers in Napoleons legions in the early 19th century because of increasing the illness called "Swiss homesick disease." The story is still as relevant today as it was in the 18th century. People are discriminated against because of their ethnic or religious affiliation. Everyday war in the world is today's reality. Men go to fight, families are separated. I would like to tell the story a
little differently and give space to hope. I let Vreneli and her Hansjoggeli move out of the small Swiss village into the big wide world to experience the beauty of our planet and the kindness of its people.

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Solotrip N°1 57 easy guitar studies / including TABS (PDF)

57 easy to intermediate studies in different styles. Recommended material to build up technique and musicality. 120 pages including TABS and


didactic compilation in 6 sections: 

  1. Melody& Bass
  2. Arpeggio & Chords
  3. Coordination
  4. Slurs
  5. position changes
  6. Effects& Articulation


more TABS

pop styles 9 pieces for guitar quartet



EK 74

new ! 25th anniversary edition

Eldorado for Guitar & mandolin players

Welcome to Jürg Kindle's Edition Kalimba. From guitar solo up to guitar quartet and guitar orchestra as well as from mandolin solo up to mandolin orchestra  - you will find any music to perform or teach. My Goal is it to enrich the modern repertoire for guitar and mandolin.

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all music is professional edited in Finale including fingerings, informations and professional layout

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                                             Mandopolis 12 scordatura fantasies