Edition Kalimba was founded in 2016. Since then, more than 50 works of swiss composer Jürg Kindle have been published. Among them are works for solo guitar up to guitar orchestra, chamber music with guitar and other instruments as well as music for solo mandolin and mandolin  orchestra. It's the composers goal to expand the repertory of new guitar and mandolin music. Feel free to ask for a commission. Your work will be published in Edition Kalimba.


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                                             Mandopolis 12 scordatura fantasies

latest guitar publications


12 Tricks for young guitar players


Complete score and TABS Train the elephants with percussion playing on guitar body, make some tricks by playing as fast that nobody can discover what you're doing. Dance with Miss Mimi by using your fingers m‐i‐m‐i. Enjoy clown Pim's performance by using exactly your fingers p‐i‐m.
Move your fingers like a contortionist or walk on tightrope,playing the whole piece on only one string. Let yourself be enchanted by the fortune teller and her scary chords and play crazy music with the stupid Clown.


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Pieces From Paradise

The Spotify releases 2019

9 guitar solo pieces EK 54


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