The mandolin of Jürg Kindle

As a composer, guitarist and great mandolin aficionado, it has only been a question of time until I started to engage intensively in the composing of mandolin music. Over the last three years, the sublime collaboration with musician and mandolinist Annika Hinsche brought forth a veritable oeuvre for the mandolin. It includes my études Fingerfood I & II, Mare Sonata for mandolin and guitar, two orchestral works for plucked orchestra, as well as Mandopolis, a work cycle for mandolin in various scordatura. From beginner level up to high concert level there is now a broad spectrum of contemporary mandolin music available. Very special thanks go to Annika Hinsche, who collaborated on these projects with the utmost devotion and enthusiasm, and who inspired me for the work at hand. (for detailed informations to the works click on images)