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"Flamenco Inspiration" 6 guitar quartets advanced level Complete 6 Books (BOOK) 33% off available in June 2018


6 guitar quartets advanced level

Flamenco music stands as an idiom for the traditional Spanish music of Andalusia (a region in the south of Spain). The emergence of flamenco is closely connected with the historical, social, and cultural development of the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. Early Christian, Jewish and Arab influences mark flamenco music.
It was not my intention to make style copies of flamenco dances. Rather, I tried to incorporate and work with the corresponding rhythm (compás). Simple modal expressions of flamenco music can be found again and again in "flamenco inspiration". However, taking a harmonious, melodic and formal approach, I have often left the
tradition and have followed my own intuition. Since flamenco was a predominantly oral culture, orchestral and chamber music with flamenco elements are rarities of particular Spanish composers, such as de Falla and Albéniz. Studying the technique of the flamenco guitar requires a lot of practice. Rasgueados, Tresillo, Golpe, or Alzapùa require high virtuosity and style. I have largely omitted these elements or added alternatives where necessary.

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